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Project Backpack!

Backpack Drop-Off at The Promenade's Concierge Services!

Help is needed in many ways...

Your gift will help a child get set for a year of learning.  A strong educational foundation can help a child to thrive. Every child deserves the chance to advance in all areas of learning, and your gift will help a child reach their potential.

If you prefer, you can make a big impact with your online donation.

Your gift will support the basic needs for a child, close the digital divide, and offer grief and trauma support services for a child who experienced overwheming life circumstances.

Your gift of $10, $20, or $50+, will help to prepare a child for a year of learning. The best part is your online gift will provide the flexibility to ensure each child receives the exact items and supplies they need based on their age and grade. 

With your online gift, you can make sure a child has the things they need to heal and to continue to learn. Your gift will make these important things available for a child in need:

1) Brand new, sturdy, unfilled backpacks
2) New expandable duffle bags for teens living in our homes
3) Access to Chromebooks, tablets and learning stations
4) Enrichment activities to support learning for children of all ages
5) Trauma response counseling
6) Clothing and other school related necessities



Project Backpack

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